Posted on 03-Feb-2020


Edward Vines, 49, was given the prison sentence after breaching the restraining order for a 12th time.The defendant sent Ms Maitlis's mother two letters saying he was in love with the BBC journalist and said he was "distressed" when she ceased contact with him.Sentencing at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday, a judge described Vines's behaviour as a "life-long obsession".The pair attended Cambridge University together in the 1980s and Vines has stalked Ms Maitlis ever since.He was previously jailed for three years in 2016 after breaking a restraining order.However, he continued to write to Ms Maitlis from prison, resulting in a further 45 month sentence.Speaking in court today following the latest breach of the restraining order, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC said: “For whatever reason, you have an obsession with Emily Maitlis and it is your belief that you have been wronged by her and you have been wronged by the law.“You
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