Posted on 30-Jan-2020


Hair care specialist Only Curls, founded by Carter and her partner Hugo Lewis in 2016, forecasts sales of £1 million this year for its beauty products.The suite of treatments, designed specifically to enhance all types of curly locks, are British-made and come in a cruelty-free, vegan range that uses bio-plastic, recyclable packaging.The brand now includes accessories such as silk pillowcases (their smoothness a little-known tonic for curls) and devotees have formed a wide-reaching community that stretches from teens to the 90-years-young, all drawn to the light touch formulations that are sulphate and silicone-free.While direct internet sales backed by a prominent social media presence are the primary source of revenues, Only Curls does its bit for the high street selling through independently owned salons.“I have curly hair and spent too long battling to straighten it,” says Carter. “Once I understood how to manage it, I wanted share that with others.
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