Posted on 30-Jan-2020


The mammal was first spotted in Whitstable, Kent, at around 12pm today. It was reported to have been swimming and spying in the water near Whitstable Harbour. HM Maritime and Coastguard are aware of the whale.“We were worried he might be stuck so we called the Coastguard, but then the tide came in and he drifted off towards the Isle of Sheppey.”Volunteers have been dispatched to closely monitor the whale.A British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) said in statement: “We think it is a sperm whale which are deep sea creatures.“It is very large. We should not be seeing them on our coastline and when we do it normally means they are unwell or not eaten which means it could be malnourished.“There are lots of mudflats on The Swale. The tide is high at the moment but when the tide goes out we are concerned it could get trapped.“We have people looking out for it.” It comes as Benny the Beluga made headlines in 2018 after finding himself in the Thames after getting lost.The
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