Posted on 30-Jan-2020


The European Union has said that the UK must conform to EU regulations to ensure a level playing field, if it wants the best possible post-Brexit trade deal. However, Mr Johnson is adamant that he will not cross his own “red lines”, which include the right to diverge on standards and regulations, taking full control of Britain’s fishing waters and freeing the UK from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Although this is likely to lead to more checks and controls on goods crossing the border, as well as more bureaucracy and costs for businesses, the Prime Minister believes that this is a price well worth paying.A Whitehall source told the Daily Telegraph: “We have said there will be no alignment with the EU and we are fully aware that there are consequences that flow from that.“We do not want tariffs or quotas, but the EU have already offered us that because Theresa May was offered a Canada-style deal which would have guaranteed that.”The
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